Our People

Our PeopleThe ASAP management team focuses on consistently delivering security services that align with the requirements, expectations, mission, and values of our clients and partners. Our company’s executives are experts in security and asset protection, and they are committed to ensuring that all employees achieve their highest level of competence. Our strategy is to partner with organizations that truly value their people, property, information, and image and that require top-notch professionals to safeguard these vital assets.

ASAP is committed to partnering with clients that seek premium personnel and solutions. Our management team is structured to ensure that each client receives an appropriate level of response and attention.

Client Relationship Managers are the direct link between the site being serviced and ASAP security personnel. They select the staff for each site, set up their assignments, and make sure that they receive site orientation and ongoing training. Client Relationship Managers are also empowered to make day-to-day decisions, which puts them at the center of successful partnerships between ASAP and its clients. Regional and Executive Managers routinely visit client locations as well to elicit feedback on performance.

In collaboration with the client, we suggest continuous improvement strategies targeted to a specific business or geographic area.

Motivated Employees

Through ASAP’s security personnel services, we develop motivated security personnel who are persistent in attaining client goals. ASAP fosters a unique bond with its employees that begins when they are hired and extends into a client’s workplace. As a result, ASAP security personnel are motivated, professional, accountable, and adaptable.

At ASAP, our business is about people, and that’s why we believe so strongly in consistently investing in and fine-tuning our people skills: selecting, hiring, training, supervising, coaching, managing, and rewarding our security personnel and—most importantly—communicating and listening to our clients. In short, ASAP’s security personnel are selected and educated to deliver and motivated to perform. However, motivation is a three-way proposition in our organization: our clients, our management team, and our security personnel must all be motivated to achieve the same end—top quality asset protection.

Motivating Principles

Motivating PrinciplesASAP believes that motivated security personnel can accomplish hard tasks with professional ease. To underscore that notion, the management team has adopted three principles that form the core of our motivational philosophy.

Motivate employees by understanding satisfiers. Helping security personnel become motivated to achieve peak performance requires an understanding of what motivates individuals. Is it recognition, a job well done, prestige, service to others, life-long learning? What aspects of a client’s goals support these motivations?

Align client goals with employee goals. At ASAP, identifying client goals is a key part of the planning process. Once these goals have been established, managers and supervisors can know what they need from security personnel, and performance measurements can be worded in terms of client goals. When both clients and security personnel see that their goals are being met, everyone is motivated to take ownership of the best results possible.

Support employee motivation with organizational systems. ASAP has instituted comprehensive programs in the workplace to help motivate our security personnel. Compensation systems, employee performance systems, and organizational policies and procedures help support security personnel motivation. These systems and structures help ensure that employees clearly understand expectations and receive equal treatment.

Our management team firmly believes that both internal and external motivators energize employee behavior and are the source of actions that meet client needs. Motivators stimulate desire and energy, which enables individuals to be continually interested in their jobs and committed to meeting client expectations.


The ASAP culture requires that all ASAP security personnel represent the best the industry can offer. From the written reports, site documentation, customer service, and attention to detail, ASAP delivers the industry’s highest standard. ASAP understands that its reputation is only as good as the most recent patrol or assignment serviced. That’s why employees go the extra mile to complete each assignment diligently and professionally from start to finish.


At ASAP, we stand behind our commitment to provide and deliver premium security personnel services. We realize and appreciate that clients expect a positive return on investment (ROI) for the dollars spent on security. We believe in this premise so strongly that we have and will continue to develop quantitative measures—key performance indicators (KPIs)—that demonstrate ROI or another specific goal that clients want to achieve.

Core KPI’s such as retention, safety, responsiveness by management, incident and alarm response, report writing, training proficiency, and customer service apply to all types of security programs and their respective facilities. We also understand that the requirements vary, and we customize our KPIs accordingly.

Performance measurements can give clients hard evidence that shows how our comprehensive security program is contributing significantly to a safe and productive work environment. By using measurable key performance indicators, we can demonstrate the value of ASAP’s premium security personnel service to clients and their executive management.


The ASAP operating philosophy and culture centres on being responsive and ready to evolve to meet the requirements of clients and their organizations. When a client approaches us to explore how its security program can become more efficient and meaningful, our management team responds with a collaborative plan for developing and implementing an appropriate solution. When an insurance-related loss is called into our operating group, we are able to respond to the specific situation and location, regardless of whether it’s in a major urban market or a secluded area. When a prospective client wants ASAP to provide a security personnel program in a remote region, we entertain and discuss all the avenues needed to make that request a reality.

To put it candidly, we do what it takes to create solutions. Our employees, from their initial hiring and training to their day-to-day assignments, understand that the demand for our services can and will change frequently. We look at each day as an opportunity to respond, evolve, raise the bar, and deliver security services with value and a bottom-line return to our clients.

Employee Selection


RecruitmentThe ASAP management team has decades of proven experience and successful results in the recruitment, identification, selection, development, retention, and leadership of individuals and teams in the security industry. Our experience has enabled us to know what works and what doesn’t work.

ASAP maintains, and operates a dedicated recruiting department to ensure that constant and steady streams of new applicants are available to join our team and fill our varied client needs across many markets. To join the ASAP team, our recruiters seek individuals who possess the values and character traits that align with our company’s culture. Loyalty, dedication, commitment, confidence, respect, optimism, honesty, friendliness, ambition, politeness, and a service orientation are but a few of the traits and values we support and uphold.

The ASAP recruitment and selection process is targeted, detailed, and thorough. Our goal is to hire, develop, and retain security personnel who want to build a career in private security. Applicants are screened to assess whether they fit that profile and whether they feel committed to this goal.

Our recruitment and selection process extends well beyond basic technical requirements; key determining factors in the initial selection process, in addition to experience, are the applicant’s attitude, aptitude, and orientation to customer service. As a second level of screening, applicants meet face-to-face with a member of the management team who reviews their work history and asks behaviour-based questions. A written aptitude test is another stage. We assess and compare each prospective employee’s perspectives and positions in relation to our corporate values and beliefs to gauge their fit with our operating culture. Finally, potential employees undergo background and reference checks.

This thorough evaluation process ensures that we not only hire the best qualified candidates for employment but also match the right person to each unique assignment based on personality traits and technical skills.


Retaining quality security personnel is the key to providing continuity of services at client sites. ASAP pays its personnel a competitive wage and places much attention on developing performance skills. From orientation and online training to on-site training, ASAP provides its security personnel with the knowledge and opportunity to build a rewarding career.

We also find that—given our competitive compensation, development programs, and advancement opportunities—we are able to retain quality individuals who might not traditionally consider the security industry as a career path.