Let us show you how we can build a comprehensive solution for your organization.

Static Security


Uniformed Security Guards, Event Security, Mobile Patrols, Plain Clothes Security Guards, Loss Prevention

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Insurance Services


Disaster and Fire Scene Security, Insurance Risk Mitigation: Policy Terminations

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Security Watch


Fire Watch, Equipment Watch, Materials Watch, Residential Watch

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Security Consultant


Security Audits: detailed analysis of a facility’s security, System Consulting: comprehensive security systems

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Committed to Excellence

badgeOnlyASAP Secured Inc. (ASAP) is dedicated to providing premium-caliber services designed specifically to protect each client’s people, property, evidence, brand, and information. We pride ourselves in our ability to partner with clients to adapt processes, create solutions, and design personnel requirements to meet their unique needs.

Even though the “A,” the “S,” the “A,” and the “P” literally stand for “Asset Security And Protection,” clients have come to know us by the more popular phrase: “As Soon As Possible!” Clients know they can count on ASAP to respond immediately to any call. Our Managers recognize the importance of recruiting personnel with the right personality and qualifications to act as front line “ambassadors” representing each client.

Our proven formula for success is strengthened by the unmatched quality of the Services We Offer, the in-depth knowledge of the Industries We Serve, and the guiding principles that shape Who We Are.

ASAP is the right choice for clients looking to develop, enhance, or manage their security program.

Who We Are