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Social Responsibility

I had no idea that walking could be so tiring. On June 13th, several employees from our company walked countless laps for “Relay for Life”. This event is organized by the Cancer Society, supporting research to find a cure for cancer and for families that deal with the financial consequences of having a family member that is battling the disease. In many instances the care for a patient, the medication required and reduced income earnings result in financial difficulties.

The relay took place at the Milton Fairgrounds and the weather was great – not too warm or too cold. It started Saturday afternoon at 1pm and ended 12 hours later at 1am Sunday morning. The relay has an opening lap for the cancer survivors, several special commemoration moments and a closing lap for all. Supporting at least one charity is good corporate citizenship. It is important to choose events that are meaningful for most employees, not controversial and if possible, events that can be supported by a service or product delivered by the company. In the case of ASAP Secured, we provided complimentary guard service for many of the relay events. As cancer has touched almost everyone in one way or another, it is easy to have people rally behind this cause. It is important to recognize that apart from the altruistic reasons, there is also a business side to the equation.

From a business perspective, it is important to support a charity for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the employees feel good about working for a company that takes social responsibility seriously which increases retention. Secondly, many Requests for Proposals (RFP) have a section where it questions your social responsibility. In the case of ASAP Secured, there was a third aspect where the guards were able to show their professionalism to a large audience.

Of course the main reason to support the Cancer Society is to help fund research and hopefully the battle against this devastating decease can be won one day.

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With a Calm Voice She Took Care of Me


My wife and I recently went to Sicily to celebrate my best friend’s 10th anniversary. Although most of the trip was pre-planned by my friend, we did have 3 days on our own and rented a car to drive around the island and see the sights.

I also rented a GPS to help me get around. This was my first time in Sicily, and in the Mediterranean for that matter. I had heard many stories about how aggressive the drivers were in this part of the world, so I wanted to make sure that I, ‘the turista’, didn’t cause too many problems on the road. On our first day, we had to drive 3 ½ hours on a main highway from Palermo to Catania. About an hour or so into the drive, we discovered that a big section of the highway was closed and we were being forced to take a detour. The detour took us up into the mountains, far from the highway, along some very narrow roads and through many small villages. It was a good thing we had the GPS because the detour route went up and down several mountains turning left and right at many intersections and the detour signs were far and few between. Had it not been for the comforting British female voice coming from the GPS, instructing us which direction we should go, we certainly would have gotten lost!

That lovely voice calmly got us to each destination we chose to visit during those 3 days. She knew exactly which exit to take on the roundabouts, and how to get to the big cities we wanted to visit via the back roads, so we could see and experience the small coastal fishing villages and towns.

I was so happy that we rented the GPS. It saved the day. I would not have been able to get around in this foreign country, with a language I did not speak or understand if it were not for that voice.

Having the GPS with me made me think of the travel and executive protection services my sister company, AFIMAC Global provides to company executives and employees who travel to foreign countries to conduct business. Much like my experience, company representatives have to contend with different languages, unknown territory, and local politics and customs. Sometimes they have to visit factories or sites that are located in areas that are prone to violence or personal attacks. Using an organization who specializes in security and travel protection, employees can have peace of mind knowing that they will be securely transferred from point A to B, and that they will be protected should anything untoward happen.

Having AFIMAC Global at your service is much like having that calm British voice direct me around Sicily. “At the roundabout, go left, second exit”.

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Leadership Traits I Thrive to Achieve

Having a leadership role for the past thirteen years in the security industry, has provided me with some traits I would like to share:

1. Listen
Tune in to what the client is saying, and how you can help. Bring forward these great ideas to your organization and proceed to discuss the partnership and vision with the client.

2. Support Field Staff
Support your field staff and provide leadership.

3. Be Yourself
You spend so much time at work and you’re so dedicated to your company, tell your story! It’s rare and refreshing, and makes your security team feel like they know you — and want to help you succeed.

4. Communicate
Every employee is part of the team, and every role is needed to succeed. Clear communication to define expectations and the reasoning behind them is what creates loyalty and commitment.

5. Teach
Focus on providing guidance for your team.

6. Be Service-Oriented
Stay focused on others that require your support.

7. Be Accountable
Be transparent with your client and your team when a screw-up is your fault.

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