ASAP Training Academy

Once hired, employees pursue the ASAP Training Academy program. We take great pride in delivering quality services, and that commitment is evident in the character of our employees and the training they receive.

ASAP’s employees are truly the company’s most valuable asset and resource. As each individual strengthens and expands his or her knowledge and capabilities, the company as a whole becomes a stronger security partner. ASAP established the ASAP Training Academy to ensure that all employees are committed to continuous improvement and advancement. Through the ASAP Training Academy, all personnel are educated to perform and motivated to deliver each and every day.

The ASAP Academy curriculum is comprised of five modules:

  • ASAP Orientation Training
  • Insurance Scene Security Training
  • Health and Life Safety Training
  • Classroom and Field Training
  • Advanced Security and Performance Development

After joining ASAP, security personnel are registered to complete their ASAP training path. Each path is designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of each client. The core programs above encompass the full range of duties, obligations, and expectations of professional security and emergency personnel.