Calming Effect

Boxing Day for me is another day off, the opportunity to relax and spend time with family. I can think of many things more fun than going to a shopping mall and experiencing the frenzy. This year however was very different. The Christmas week was spent in the US skiing and my teenage kids really wanted to go shopping for a couple of hours. They had made a list of items they wanted to purchase at 2 stores. I offered to accompany them to the mall. One of the selected stores (let’s call it store A) displayed complete chaos. People were cursing, aggressive and pushing one another to get to the merchandise. Since my teenage kids were determined, they still wanted to get what they came for and I stayed close in case I needed to step in. Eventually they got the items they wanted and we were happy to leave store A and head to store B. When we arrived at the store we saw an orderly line of people, waiting to get in. Several security guards were present to make sure the shopping experience stayed orderly and controlled. The presence of the security guards seemed to have a strong calming effect on the shoppers. The guards behaved in a professional manner and spoke to the people in line. They were also preventing theft and damage of merchandise. Although store B invested some money to keep the situation under control, they probably had a better profit in the end through preventing unnecessary shrinkage. I am glad the kids only selected 2 stores giving us the opportunity to get some night skiing in.

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