Cargo Crime: Is it an Epidemic?


On my way into work last week I drove by a road sign displaying three messages. Those messages were “High Crime Area”, “Police are on Patrol”, and “Report Cargo Crime”. I found it troubling that local authorities felt they had to resort to using road signs to publically communicate the state of cargo crime in the area. I’m well aware that cargo crime is a $5 billion problem in Canada, and that the GTA, especially along the Kitchener-Waterloo, Milton, Brampton and Durham Region corridor, is known as the ‘shopping triangle’. I can just imagine how attractive this corridor is to thieves, given the number of distribution centres, abundance of CN/CP intermodal yards and volume of trucks and drivers on the road carrying cargo.

With the number of industry seminars and webinars focused on cargo crime, along with the fact that authorities feel it necessary to use road signs to make the public aware, I believe that it is an epidemic. And to combat the epidemic there are a number of actions companies can take to minimize their risk of being victim to this crime.

First and foremost companies who deal with the distribution and transportation of products and goods should work with a reputable security organization who is focused on the transportation vertical, is well versed on the measures that can be implemented to deal with the problem, and offers an array of products and services, such as ASK, that can be subscribed to. Such a security organization can identify areas of concern and vulnerabilities at the office, in the yard and on the road through Threat Risk Assessments and Security Breach Tests. They can define and deliver security solutions, physical and/or systems, that protect people, property and brand, and they offer Knowledge through education, seminars and webinars.

Over the next few weeks there are a number of free education events being hosted that focus on cargo crime and what can be done to combat it. On May 12th, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, Canada’s largest trade and industry association, is hosting a free webinar entitled “Mitigating Loss at Your Facilities and On Route for Cargo Shipments”, and on May 14th, the OPP in Caledon, ON are hosting a free seminar entitled “Truck Safety-Security”.

I will be attending these events, as I am very interested in helping others to combat this epidemic. If you want to learn more about how to combat cargo crime, or the ASK program, drop me an email at

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