Cargo Security

The corridor between Montreal and Windsor is known for experiencing many cases of cargo theft, ranging for consumer electronics to clothing. The highways see a steady stream of trucks and the area is dotted with distribution centres, making it a region in demand by criminals. It is estimated to be a $5 billion a year problem in Canada. Over the last couple of years, the violence surrounding it has increased as more organized crime gets involved. They see it as a low risk, low penalty and high reward area. The consequences can be serious as the theft results in financial and reputational loss. Since reputations are on the line, there is a high rate of unreported thefts. Several actions are being taken by the trucking, logistic and insurance industries but the problem is persistent. Private security companies can play a role in helping reverse the problem. One of the most obvious steps for a company to take is to have a site risk assessment done. Even if the security situation is being assessed by in house security, a second pair of eyes always seems to lead to increased insight. The findings presented in a report can then be used to improve the security situation to reduce cargo crime. A good assessment includes a physical inspection, review of procedures and interviews with management and front line staff. The findings will then be discussed with management and recommendations will be formulated. A serious follow up will lead to a reduction of theft and potentially lower insurance premiums. In most cases the recommendations consist of physical security enhancements such as access control or CCTV, development or update of the procedures and training of the staff. Making front line staff aware of the risks and educating them on how to act in various circumstances will have a positive effect. Not only will it help reduce theft, it will also boost morale.

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