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Early one morning this past week at 3am I was rudely awaken by a loud CHIRP. As I lay in bed, I waited to hear the sound again. Thirty seconds later it happened. CHIRP!

Now, I’ve heard that sound before. What I didn’t know was where it was coming from. So, I donned my house robe, left my bedroom, turned on the hall light and waited for what seemed like an eternity. Not a peep. So, I crawled back to bed.

No sooner had I settled in, I hear CHIRP! I got out of bed, stood in the hallway and waited. CHIRP. I was able to finally determine that it was coming from the carbon monoxide (CO) detector right above my head, outside the bedroom.

Shame on me for not heeding the message from the Ontario Fire Marshal and my local Fire Department. In the past few weeks, we all have been asked to check our smoke and CO detectors and change their batteries when we turn back our clocks for daylight savings time on Halloween weekend. I didn’t do that and my CO detector was letting me know. It didn’t care that it awoke me from my sound sleep. In fact, it did its job to save me from CO, a silent killer.

So, armed with new batteries, the CO detector was replaced on the ceiling and I crawled back to bed, a little weary and ashamed for not doing what I was asked to do to protect my family and myself.

Over the past few weeks fire safety has been all over the news. It was National Fire Prevention Week from October 5-11. On October 15th CO detectors in Ontario homes became law and the province held its first Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week starting November 1.

I see a lot of the aftermath from fires that ASAP Secured is called to. Some of these fires have claimed lives. Protect yourself. If you don’t have a CO detector, I urge you to get one. If you do have one, please test it and make sure it has fresh batteries installed.

Yes, there is a cost but they save lives and that has no price attached to it.

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