Cultural Fit

Seven years ago I emigrated from Western Europe to Canada with my family and many assumptions about my new home. Although bothcountries are considered western, I was surprised to encounter so many cultural differences. Though we could have chosen to emerge ourselves in associations of the old country, we decided to adapt our lifestyles to become at least partly Canadian. This approach made our integration easier. Noticing this approach, people from our neighbourhood started to accelerate the process by inviting us to typical Canadian events like curling, Thanksgiving and hockey night in Canada.

Within the security industry finding a ‘cultural fit’ is equally important. When done right, the selected security guard has enough interest and motivation to become part of his new work environment. The difference in settings is enormous, from a busy store in a shopping mall to a quiet remote mining site. Paying attention to customer specific requirements and culture as well as a candidate’s background and interests pays off. This approach will lead to higher customer satisfaction and lower turnovers simply because there is a fit from the start. This is a life lesson that has helped me change the way we do business.

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