One unfortunate characteristic of the guarding industry is the relative high turnover rate and the most effective way to reduce turnover is creating a culture of engagement. In the guarding industry this is often a challenge as the guards are working at customer locations and contact with the company may be limited. Even with frequent manager site visits, the guards see way more of the customers they work for than of the guard company management. One effective way to stimulate engagement is to involve the customer.

For example, at a mining site up north a customer agreed to quarterly meetings with all the guards. Around shift changes, two meetings were held, each an hour in duration, so that all guards were able to attend. The meetings consisted of an update by the customer regarding their business, an update from the guarding company and an overview of the scores achieved by the guard force. After a few meetings they started asking more and more questions, getting more involved and their performance improved.

When you work as a partner with your customers they become more receptive to these kinds of arrangements, especially if you can clearly explain the benefits of their involvement.

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