Hiking at Yoho National Park in British Columbia

Does having an overactive security mind have a downside?

I was on vacation with my family last week. We went camping at Lake O’Hara in Yoho National Park, British Columbia. It was my children’s first camping adventure and what a spectacular place to experience it. My husband and I wanted our children to enjoy nature’s beauty at its best. Lake O’Hara is a family friendly campground, 11km from the nearest road and completely off the grid. It was absolutely beautiful!


We arrived at the campsite early in the afternoon and headed straight to the mountains to find the beautiful glacier lakes. As we hiked, my mind was distracted by stories of bear attacks (even though we were informed that there hasn’t been a bear sighting this whole year). So I had to convince the city girl in me that all is fine and to just enjoy the serenity and nature’s beauty.

I was finally able to free it from my mind and enjoy my surroundings. Then I started to think of all the other potential risks associated with this experience. We were on some pretty advanced level trails that I didn’t prepare for. We brought bear spray, bear bells and other protective equipment to ward off bears, but didn’t think about the other dangers related to the trails we were hiking on. I looked down and sure enough one wrong step could have been fatal.


What are we prepared to risk? Yes, clearly I was stressed because I felt that I was unprepared and didn’t have a full assessment of other possible risks, aside from bears. Whether personal or professional, have you and/or the corporation you represent evaluated your security program? Consider and protect against all possibilities and never cut corners (literally in my case)!

As my work colleague Rob Shuster always says, “You’ll never know you avoided a crisis if you’ve properly planned to avoid it.” Assess all risks, and then make an educated decision on what your security program will look like!

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