I Was Meant to Feel Safe

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The Pan Am Games have been in full swing for a week now and Team Canada has been doing extremely well. The security team from ASAP Secured has been working hard to protect people, property and equipment at several competition sites in the Western GTA. Over the past week I’ve stayed away from downtown Toronto fearing heavy traffic and large crowds. However, on Friday my wife and I had the chance to go downtown to take in a Blue Jays game.

Rather than fight traffic and watch cars drive by us in the often talked about ‘HOV lanes’, we decided to take the TTC to Union Station and walk to the Rogers Centre. When we arrived at Union Station I noticed a very prominent presence of police and security personnel. I was very impressed and felt that my safety was their priority. At the Rogers Centre there was also an increased police and security presence. Bags were being checked at entry points and corridors were being patrolled. Between innings, police and security stood guard on the field. After the game we headed to Nathan Philip’s Square to watch some Pan Am festivities. Unfortunately the evening’s concert was over, but the crowd was still large. Again, the police and security presence was very noticeable. We felt safe.

Prior to the Pan Am Games, ASAP Secured was involved in extensive planning sessions, as were the other security companies who had been selected to provide security to Pan Am sites and related public places. Guards had to go through extensive background checks, receive ‘accreditation’ and specific training on the procedures for the site they were assigned to. Now that the Games are on, those plans are being executed and to the best of my knowledge there have not been any safety concerns. I am grateful for the services of the authorities and the security professionals working the Games. They are working hard to ensure the Games and the spectators are secure. Because of them, I was meant to feel safe.


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