Insurance Services Division

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Insurance ServicesASAP has been called on by insurance providers, restoration companies, property owners, and the Office of the Fire Marshall to secure countless sites ravaged by fire or other calamities. ASAP insurance professionals will respond to such emergencies within two hours anywhere within broad geographic regions of Canada.

Should a natural disaster occur, such as a flood, tornado, or a structural collapse, ASAP security personnel can also be counted on to respond on short notice, thereby minimizing further losses by protecting property and preventing unauthorized access. These actions are essential when safeguarding the owner from liability claims stemming from the lack of professional security. ASAP sets itself apart by routinely providing clients with project reports, which detail progress on ongoing projects and provide measurable benchmarks on strategic initiatives.

ASAP emergency specialists receive ongoing training on how to reduce risks to the public at a fire scene. They understand the requirements of the NFPA 921 manual, Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations, and the NFPA 601 manual, Standards for Security Services in Fire Loss Prevention. Their intense training emphasizes the latest technologies and procedures used to cordon off dangerous or exposed areas to prevent unauthorized persons or onlookers—especially children—from wandering onto the site unexpectedly.

Insurance Services DivisionASAP security personnel are also trained on how protect evidence at the scene of a fire. Recent court decisions have asserted that the proper collection and preservation of fire scene evidence it vital to its admissibility and the key to winning a court case. On each client’s behalf, ASAP security personnel diligently protect evidence and preserve the chain of custody.

Disaster and Fire Scene Security Advantages

The professionalism and expertise of ASAP security personnel are the main reasons why ASAP has become Canada’s leading fire and disaster scene security service. Clients that rely on ASAP security personnel consistently point to specific attributes that are a vital part of the company’s stellar advantages.

Rapid Response: ASAP can be contacted around the clock by dialing 1-877-923-2727. Callers are guaranteed to receive a return call within 15 minutes, and security personnel can be on the scene within two hours or less.* This fast response is critical since local fire services or the Fire Marshall can release a site with little or no notice, meaning the owner immediately takes responsibility for site protection.

Constant Communication: While on site, ASAP security personnel maintain 24-hour communication with the client. Using pre-determined channels for reaching a designated list of company contacts, ASAP security personnel can keep clients apprised of daily operations as well as unforeseen changes that could lead to further issues or liabilities.

Detailed Activity Logs: ASAP security personnel take pride in compiling and providing thorough documentation throughout each incident. Occurrence logs, recorded in chronological order, can be customized at the client’s request. Clients have found the log’s thoroughness to be most useful should legal actions arise. The documents also provide details that show continuity of evidence in cases involving allegations of arson or spoliation. All documentation is stored for 7 years under PEPIDA regulations in a secured facility at the ASAP Head Office.

Specialized Training: All personnel receive ASAP’s Insurance Scene Security Training, which focuses on documenting evidence and controlling the site of a loss to ensure that the appropriate level of continuity meets the legal requirements in court cases. Procedures comply with the guidelines in the NFPA 921 manual and the NFPA 601 manual.

Comprehensive Final Report: At the conclusion of each loss assignment, ASAP clients receive an all-inclusive final report. The report includes all logs, notes, and photographs taken at the scene. Clients can retrieve this information upon request should the originals be needed in court cases or for post-incident reviews.

Flat Rate Charges: Charges for ASAP’s insurance services are billed a flat rate throughout broad geographic regions of Canada. There are no surprises! This billing method helps insurance clients manage the adjusting reserves.

Insurance Risk Mitigation: Policy Terminations

Insurers can find themselves taking on risk longer than necessary because their employees avoid handing a cancellation notice to a potentially hostile policy holder. ASAP security personnel can add valuable support to an insurance client in these uncomfortable situations. They will pick up the termination notice at the insurance office, deliver it to the policy holder at his or her premises, and obtain a signed receipt.

The specialists will remain visible outside the premises to show that it is being monitored. They will note vehicles that enter the area and document the times that they come and go. They will also record materials or belongings that they see being removed from the property.

ASAP Emergency Specialists will continue to protect any insured assets until the policy is voided. Thorough detailed reports prepared for the client verify the facts until the policy expires.