“It’s 10pm. Do You Know Where Your Children Are?”


During the summer of 1967, New York TV station WNEW coined the phrase following urban unrest and rioting in Newark, NY. If you remember the phrase you can appreciate why it was important to know where your valuables were at all times.

This is equally true today in the trucking industry, where it is important for trucking companies to know where the cargo they are transporting is at all times. Sadly, despite efforts to combat cargo crime, thieves are becoming ever more creative in coming up with ways to steal cargo. One of the most recent approaches is for thieves to set up fake trucking companies, present themselves as legitimate third party carriers on Load Boards, pick up the cargo at a midpoint in the journey and never deliver it to its intended destination.

In a recent article I read in Fleet Owner Newsline, the author suggested that more due diligence needs to be done by shippers, brokers and even carriers. Background checks, social media searches and investigations should be conducted on third party carriers and their principals. According to Scott Cornell, Director of Specialty Investigations for Travelers Group, “If you are dealing with a brand new company with no track record or referenceable pool of information to draw from, or a carrier whose authority has lain dormant for several years and is now suddenly active, they need to be checked out.”

You could do that due diligence yourself, but who has the time to dedicate resources to investigate third party entities amongst all the other day-to-day tasks you need to complete to move cargo from point A to B to make money? Or, you could enlist the services of a professional organization that has expertise in all types of investigation – social media and physical.

It is my opinion that the investment of dollars to get the job done right and in a timely manner is far less than the cost of a lost shipment and the damage done to your company’s brand and reputation. It is important for companies to look for security partners who can assist in areas that are not core to their business.

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