Three years ago, I was informed that a good friend’s family member had committed suicide. A beautiful 22 year old, with everything going for her – decided to end her life. Her family was devastated; her mother couldn’t forgive herself for not seeing any signs.

You could imagine the mourning and sadness her family went through in dealing with this tragedy. Not even a year later, her mom was diagnosed with cancer. The mother said, “maybe my daughter is missing me, with my daughter in heaven and my son here – I am torn”.

A month ago, I was at her funeral. People say – she didn’t die of cancer but rather of a broken heart.

Statistics show that people who have committed suicide have tried to reach out in some way. The world will always ponder how suicide can be prevented. Social media can definitely be one channel for monitoring suicide and using social media as a preventative measuring tool. Social media surveillance can be utilized in schools to check for not only bullying but also for vulnerabilities and the mental health of their students. In addition, parents can check on the status of their children especially during trying years.

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