Leadership Traits I Thrive to Achieve

Having a leadership role for the past thirteen years in the security industry, has provided me with some traits I would like to share:

1. Listen
Tune in to what the client is saying, and how you can help. Bring forward these great ideas to your organization and proceed to discuss the partnership and vision with the client.

2. Support Field Staff
Support your field staff and provide leadership.

3. Be Yourself
You spend so much time at work and you’re so dedicated to your company, tell your story! It’s rare and refreshing, and makes your security team feel like they know you — and want to help you succeed.

4. Communicate
Every employee is part of the team, and every role is needed to succeed. Clear communication to define expectations and the reasoning behind them is what creates loyalty and commitment.

5. Teach
Focus on providing guidance for your team.

6. Be Service-Oriented
Stay focused on others that require your support.

7. Be Accountable
Be transparent with your client and your team when a screw-up is your fault.

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