Mobile Command Centre

Mobile Command CentreASAP operates a 15-foot mobile command centre, which can be rapidly deployed to certain sites throughout Ontario when a large loss occurs. This centre allows adjusters and other insurance industry professionals to offer immediate assistance to their customers in the midst of a crisis or disaster and effectively mitigate losses on location.

ASAP is the only emergency services company in Canada that offers a satellite office of this kind. Our response team will deploy the command centre to the periphery of loss sites, in conjunction with our contracted emergency security professionals, at no charge to the insurance provider.

The centre is equipped with two desks, four chairs, a large white board, a computer with Internet access, a printer and scanner, and a refrigerator as well as air conditioning and heating units. It provides insurers, adjusters, and engineers with an on-site climate and temperature controlled office and meeting space.

The command centre itself serves as a significant visual deterrent to potential criminal activity. It allows for the on-site preparation of reports and spontaneous meetings between adjusters and engineers, a particularly valuable resource in the event of large scale losses where immediate and confidential dialogue is critical.