Performance Management & SCORE

Performance Management and SCOREASAP’s approach to client satisfaction and the measurement of overall performance is based on the belief that organizations must be accountable for their actions. In the highly competitive security services industry where there is greater pressure and focus on results, actions speak louder than words. To that end, we share key performance indicators with clients and track how our actions meet those indicators.

Our management team uses a performance management program—Skilled Consistent On time Reliable Excellence in overall performance (SCORE)—to measure our performance standards. This program is designed to monitor, measure, and reward performance quality using objective and quantifiable data. This powerful program allows us to be fully accountable to our clients, delivering a return on investment (ROI) by providing detailed data to show how their dollars are being spent.

ASAP encourages clients to use SCORE so they have ways to maintain quality assurance, operational consistency, and the maximum ROI. The SCORE program monitors and measures on-the-job performance and service delivery in five categories:

  • Personnel selection, development and retention
  • Management support—site visitations and coaching
  • Site operations and supervision
  • Documentation–including reporting and invoicing
  • Customer service satisfaction

For each category, ASAP will define a scoring system that can be easily completed by one individual or multiple respondents, as required.

The SCORE program involves five steps:

Data Gathering: Monthly statistical reports are compiled by ASAP

Averaging: Once a quarter, ASAP tabulates an average score from the previous three monthly reports. Each client receives four quarterly reports.

Results Meeting: In a quarterly meeting between ASAP and the client, the results are presented, current strengths are identified, and root causes behind potential weaknesses are uncovered.

Corrective Measures: Based on the findings at the quarterly meeting, ASAP takes corrective measures and revised actions are documented and enforced.

Performance Indicator Revisions: The results meeting can also address the relevance of the existing performance metrics. At a client’s request, ASAP will implement relevant changes or revisions to the metrics in the SCORE program to better meet the client’s asset protection goals.