ResidentialASAP works closely with property managers to make sure their specific security expectations are met and exceeded. Many high-end communities seek to ensure the safety of residents while providing the highest level of customer service. ASAP security personnel are trained not only on how to provide the specific requirements of a residential community, but also on how to deliver superior service to residents with the utmost enthusiasm, integrity, and attention to detail.

This unique combination of concierge and security services is the hallmark of ASAP’s residential offerings. Distinct service packages can be designed to match the needs at a specific residential compound. An array of possible services include controlling access to all common buildings, monitoring physical security systems, supervising technicians from service providers, regulating visitor parking, responding to fire and emergency alarms, patrolling common areas, and receiving parcels for traveling residents.

As licensed security, ASAP security personnel receive training on safety and security protocols that affect residents as well as common areas and buildings. As representatives of the property’s management, security personnel receive specific instruction on how to provide superior customer service by dressing professionally and responding to request with answers not excuses.

Once the range of services is defined, ASAP will write daily shift assignments for the security personnel and provide incident reports that log problems and unusual occurrences. Most importantly, the officers exhibit a professional and welcoming presence to the community’s residents and guests.