Security Consultant Division

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Security ConsultantCompanies of all types eventually encounter sensitive issues involving their internal operations that call for the services of an outside neutral partner. Each member of ASAP’s professional management team brings years of experience in handling security situations involving personnel issues or equipment purchases. They are also highly sought after to help firms establish or review internal security policies and procedures as well as hardware and software installations.

ASAP managers can be trusted to provide ongoing services or periodic assessments with the appropriate level of confidentiality. ASAP is known for its ability to provide professional, comprehensive reports to meet each client’s specific requirements. The level of detail can range from a timeline of services rendered to a full-fledged implementation plan.

Security Audits

In today’s ever-changing environment, a detailed analysis of a facility’s physical security has become a critical component of an organization’s business continuity plan. ASAP’s complement of skilled security personnel has an unparalleled combination of experience and expertise to effectively provide such an analysis, focusing on the critical aspects of state-of-the-art security systems that address an organization’s property and vital processes.

During an on-site security assessment, ASAP security personnel perform thorough physical inspections of facilities and their security operations to gain a clear understanding of the on-site resources needing protection as well as the perceived or real threats and vulnerabilities. Through this review of the site’s policies and procedures covering physical and electronic security operations, ASAP acquires an understanding of the level of protection that is desired and needed.

ASAP’s security reviews are performed and analyzed in the context of the client’s risk management plan. By identifying critical assets and their level of exposure to potential threats, suitable security procedures and technologies can be considered. ASAP’s physical and electronic security review provides much more than a list of actionable recommendations. The vulnerabilities are prioritized and recommendations are made to align the proposed physical security with the client’s overall risk management strategy to protect the right assets with the right level of security.

System Consulting

Security Consultant DivisionASAP’s management specialists have developed comprehensive security systems for a variety of applications and requirements. By partnering with ASAP to implement the right mix of security technologies, clients can focus on their day-to-day operations and bottom line.

With sophisticated interfacing, scalability, and ease of modification for future growth, the systems and services provided by ASAP stand above the competition. Through partnerships with leading suppliers, ASAP affords clients greater flexibility and customization, eliminating the need to commit to one system. Our full-service and consultative approach offers more choice and more support built on trust and integrity.

Whether installing a new integrated system or repairing and maintaining existing intrusion, access, and HD CCTV technologies, ASAP works in compliance with the highest standards in Canada.

ASAP also offers a variety of Preventative Maintenance Programs applicable to a range of security systems, including intrusion, HD CCTV, and access control or a combination of all three. Clients depend on their security systems to provide a safe and secure environment for employees and visitors, so it makes sense to see that they remain in optimal condition. Most insurance companies require their policy holders to regularly maintain their security system for a potential claim to be considered valid. Through the ASAP Preventative Maintenance Program, clients will receive a service appointment every twelve months so that technicians can complete a thorough review of all security system functions and equipment.