Security Measures in a Retail Setting

There are many security measures that contribute to deterring fraud in a retail setting. In a perfect world, the only goal for retailers is to focus on selling their product. But in reality, understanding the product and selling is now only one element to the role of a sales associate.

Sales associates need to have an understanding of loss prevention in order to support their security program. Fraud attacks the retail industry through many channels. A security program is part of doing business for most retailers. A program can encompass many different elements such as:
Loss Risk Profit

  • Product Delivery
  • Brand Protection
  • Data Analysis and Trending
  • Inventory and Shrink
  • Internal Theft
  • External Theft with Countless Shoplifting Techniques
  • Merchandise Type and Market Demand
  • Store Location
  • Organized Retail Crime
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Gift Card Fraud
  • Counterfeit
  • Internal Theft
  • Social Media
  • Travel Risk

There are distinct roles that are required in a retail setting when it comes to a sucessful security program. Loss prevention investigators can focus on areas of internal theft as well as support the retailer to apprehend shoplifters. Security guards can support inventory control measures and work diligently towards deterrence.

The right security expert will support your budget and help create a program that works for your company.

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