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Services We OfferASAP offers distinctive services designed to provide both immediate and long-term solutions to a client’s most pressing security concerns. Appropriately trained managers and security personnel from our Static Security Division can quickly move into assignments requiring a range of security services. Their goal is to guide and protect employees, vendors, and tenants by building trusting relationships with customers, colleagues, and the community.

In the event of a disaster or residential, commercial, or industrial fire, insurance companies quickly rely on ASAP personnel assigned to its Insurance Services Division to secure the area. Their efforts ensure that the proper investigations can proceed while protecting the property and staff that may be required to remain at the site. ASAP security personnel assigned to these tasks are fully aware of the sensitive nature of the assignment and the need to preserve any evidence.

When more specialized services are needed, ASAP can call on security personnel from its Security Watch Division who are trained in the specific know-how that enables them to function professionally during a range of assignments. Our security personnel know not only what to look for but also how to document breaches and extraordinary occurrences.

When outside experts are needed to lead or participate in sensitive operations, ASAP’s Security Consultant Division has seasoned security personnel on staff who can handle difficult personnel termination issues, who know where to look for hidden loopholes through comprehensive security audits, and who can provide cost-effective security system consulting that involves personnel, hardware, and maintenance reviews.