Sharing A Security Vision That Benefits Private Security

I was reading an informative article titled “United States – Canada Beyond the Border – A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness”. This article is a declaration by President Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The intent of this article was for Canada and the United States “to work together in cooperation and partnership to develop, implement, manage and monitor security initiatives, standards and practices”. The foundation of this article brought transferable benefits to the private security sector as well.

One section that caught my attention was, “Key areas of cooperation, addressing threats early”.

Working groups are paramount to generating intelligence for private and public security in sharing relevant, reliable and accurate information that can help deter global organized crime affecting you.

There are many associations that private security firms can leverage and become members ultimately supporting cooperation such as; ASIS, APSA, Canasa, Retail Council of Canada, IACLA, National Retail Federation of Loss Prevention, JSA and the JVC to name a few. The ultimate goal for all these associations is to enhance a shared understanding of the threat environment that can be incorporated into an effective security program for clients in the private security industry.

As a security provider, it can be challenging at times to create programs to support our investment into gathering this intelligence in the market place. A security firm needs to have a vested interest in collecting this intelligence and bring it to their client base. This sharing of information becomes twofold because the client needs to have an interest in allowing their security providers to incorporate this intelligence into a security program that at times ‘procurement’ or the budget will accept. Investing into a deterrence program becomes difficult as there is nothing tangible to support that investment.

We at ASAP continue to focus our effort in supporting our clients with the intelligence required where and when the need arises.

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