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I had no idea that walking could be so tiring. On June 13th, several employees from our company walked countless laps for “Relay for Life”. This event is organized by the Cancer Society, supporting research to find a cure for cancer and for families that deal with the financial consequences of having a family member that is battling the disease. In many instances the care for a patient, the medication required and reduced income earnings result in financial difficulties.

The relay took place at the Milton Fairgrounds and the weather was great – not too warm or too cold. It started Saturday afternoon at 1pm and ended 12 hours later at 1am Sunday morning. The relay has an opening lap for the cancer survivors, several special commemoration moments and a closing lap for all. Supporting at least one charity is good corporate citizenship. It is important to choose events that are meaningful for most employees, not controversial and if possible, events that can be supported by a service or product delivered by the company. In the case of ASAP Secured, we provided complimentary guard service for many of the relay events. As cancer has touched almost everyone in one way or another, it is easy to have people rally behind this cause. It is important to recognize that apart from the altruistic reasons, there is also a business side to the equation.

From a business perspective, it is important to support a charity for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the employees feel good about working for a company that takes social responsibility seriously which increases retention. Secondly, many Requests for Proposals (RFP) have a section where it questions your social responsibility. In the case of ASAP Secured, there was a third aspect where the guards were able to show their professionalism to a large audience.

Of course the main reason to support the Cancer Society is to help fund research and hopefully the battle against this devastating decease can be won one day.

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