Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung

Spring has finally arrived here in the GTA after a very long winter. Well actually, it was the kind of winter that I was use to growing up with on the east coast where it lasted from Halloween to the end of April. Yes, six months! We have certainly been spoiled over the last few years where we have seen an early spring. I find myself reflecting on the past winter and how great it feels to be able to walk around the city with a lighter jacket and seeing people so happy to be out. Patios are open around the city for that quick lunch, after work drink or early evening dinner before the sun goes down.

What comes with spring is the ‘dreaded’ construction season; from new condo towers to the road repairs. It forces vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians to jockey for supreme positioning on the streets. I am not sure what happens to people this time of year. Maybe it’s a case of being inside for too long. Just as the weather starts to get nicer, people lose their patience and respect for one another (well…more so than usual).

It is funny how our minds work. In July or August when the temperature drops to +12C degrees we add an extra layer of clothing and complain about how the temperature is so cold. Yet in January, +12C has us joking about being ‘shorts weather’. This weather in April still feels cool; however, patios are open, the snow has almost melted, and the streets are full of people.

One thing for sure, is that spring has sprung and before you know it summer will be here. Before we wish away spring too fast, just take a moment to reflect on the past winter and enjoy all that spring has to offer. Stay safe and enjoy your April.

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