Static Security Division

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Static SecurityThe ASAP Static Security Division is committed to delivering quality guard services that align with the expectations, mission, and values of all clients. With people as its primary resource, ASAP invests in recruiting, training, equipping, and deploying high-calibre security personnel. We deliver qualified and capable security personnel who carry out assignments tailored to each client’s needs.

ASAP security personnel are highly-trained specialists with expertise in protecting people, information, and property within site-specific requirements. At the ASAP Training Academy, security personnel practice how to respond to client needs and situations in a responsible, urgent, and ethical manner.

ASAP exceeds the standards on security personnel recruitment, retention, and training mandated by local and national government regulations and agencies. The curriculum of the ASAP Training Academy includes modules on professionalism, public relations, customer services, and sensitivity training. The goal is to consistently deliver security services that align with the expectations, mission, and values of each client.

Static Security DivisionAn important part of ASAP security personnel training involves presenting a professional presence that aligns with a client’s corporate image. The image that companies cultivate over time can be overlooked as a vital asset. Companies spend years developing customer goodwill through public relations efforts, ethical advertising, and being a good corporate citizen. But one security breach can tarnish that image forever. ASAP security personnel understand that their actions reflect on how clients are perceived by employees, customers, and the public.

Uniformed Security

ASAP security personnel fully understand that they represent their client to the public, employees, shareholders, and suppliers. They can be the first, last, and even the only face a visitor sees, and their actions leave a permanent impression of that company.

ASAP training emphasizes the appropriate dress, grooming, actions, and demeanor that typify the ASAP Security Professional. Professionalism is their hallmark, and that image only enhances the image of each client.

Event Security

ASAP security personnel are equipped with extensive experience and training to ensure that specialty events are successful and all participants are safe and secure. ASAP provides the appropriate level of security services for any type of event, from small, private parties to large gatherings nationally.

Mobile Patrols

When clients require highly visible security for their property, ASAP will deploy trained mobile patrol to a site in marked and well-maintained security vehicles—at pre-designated times or on a random basis—to ensure that a property is safe and secure. Through GPS-enabled patrol vehicles, clients can be assured that our patrols are monitored and verified.

Should ASAP find anything out of the ordinary while on patrol, they will handle the situation based on the client’s instructions and incident escalation protocols. Any situation will be documented in our VERITAS incident management system, which will be immediately provided to the appropriate personnel for follow-up.

ASAP only selects, trains, and deploys mobile security personnel able to make smart on-the-spot decisions and take fast, effective action when time is of the essence. Our fuel-efficient fleet of vehicles is designed with the latest technologies that reduce down time and maintenance costs, creating savings that are passed back to each client.

Plain Clothes Security

ASAP provides plain clothes or undercover security personnel when a situation requires the covert investigation of company employees to ensure they are complying with security and safety procedures and protocols. Plain clothes security personnel can pay for themselves when they uncover thefts, recover merchandise, or thwart illegal activities that erode a company’s bottom line.

Loss Prevention

Loss PreventionASAP provides plain clothes loss prevention security personnel trained in the specifics of loss prevention. This highly demanding security discipline requires security personnel to adapt to a hectic work pace, difficult customers, and untrustworthy employees. Other challenges handled by loss prevention security personnel include uncovering threats to sensitive information, such as proprietary and client data, as well as attempting to avoid unwelcome scrutiny from the media that could affect a client’s brand and image.

ASAP loss prevention security personnel go beyond daily observation. They are proficient in documenting potential thefts and recovering lost property, adding unexpected revenue to the bottom line. This documentation can be provided to clients in either monthly or quarterly reports, enabling clients to easily monitor the cost-effectiveness of the loss prevention program.

An array of potential external and internal threats also plagues client establishments. External threats to a company or business range from one-time shoplifting events to organized crime operations. Internal threats include thefts by employees acting alone or in collusion with others. ASAP security personnel are trained to observe employees, look for suspicious activities, and monitor behavior when employees are working with a cash register or POS system. They excel at identifying and preventing thefts both in person and through CCTV or other video surveillance systems so problems can be solved quickly and diligently.

Concierge Services

The training received by ASAP security personnel enables them to provide elite concierge services that are second to none. In residential condos and commercial settings, uniformed ASAP security personnel offer residents, tenants, and customers a safe and secure environment through patrols and customer service assignments.

In retail settings, ASAP security personnel are often required to wear tailored black suits. Our highly-motivated concierge staff will ensure that retail clients are greeted with the utmost professional and individualized care.