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The Holiday Season!

The holiday season is great for retailers. It is the time to increase sales and make those numbers. As a security professional servicing retailers, protecting our customers’ assets is constantly on my mind. Even on Christmas Day, security personnel dedicated their holidays to make sure that the buildings were protected in preparation for when businesses opened. While I enjoyed time with my family, in back of my mind I was thinking about Boxing Day and how we needed to be prepared to mitigate all risks. For ASAP, we had to formulate back up plans to ensure our services for our retail clients during one of Canada’s busiest retail days. Malls were going to be swamped with customers getting great deals. Security needed to be in full deployment. Traffic control, crowd control, and loss prevention are all required key elements. In additional to these security concerns, is the possibility of an active shooter. The reality is, Canadians are now exposed to terrorism as well, and security needs to be ready to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risk.

At ASAP, every manager across the country, including our president Han Koren, is provided a zone on Boxing Day to support the security personnel on the field. We are up at 4:00am to get to the malls to ensure that all is going smooth.

Prior to Boxing Day, we connect with our clients to ensure that we are there to support and provide the security program our customers expect. Mall security needs to focus on all common spaces, manage traffic control, crowd control as well as criminal groups of any kind as a possible threat to the retailers. Security personnel at the stores need to watch for theft, credit card fraud, and counterfeit cash.

Watch this interesting video on organized retail crime coming into Canada targeting specifically the high-end jewellery retailers.

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