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A Tragic Tail

This past summer I was lucky enough to be involved in a few of the events at the Pam Am games. My favorite was the equestrian competitions that took place in Caledon. To witness how big and beautiful the horses were from different countries and how each one had their own personality was remarkable. Each equestrian event showcased each horse’s unique talents and strengths.


January 2016: ASAP Secured security guard on duty.

So naturally, it was hard to hear about all the recent barn fires that have taken place across Ontario. Late at night on January 4, a large barn fire started at Classy Lane Stables Training Centre in Puslinch where 40 horses and three ponies perished in the fire. 10 days later, ASAP Secured was called to secure another large barn fire in Mount Forest that claimed the lives of 13 Arabian horses.

Unfortunately, barn fires have been on the rise in Ontario over the last three years. According to the Fire Marshal’s Office, between 2012 and 2014 there were 443 barn fires in the province; 192 of those barns were housing animals at the time. Although these fires and ones similar to them have caused tremendous damage and even sometimes the loss of lives, it never surprises me to see how communities, no matter how big or small, all come together to help those that have been affected by these tragic events.

Similar to the recent changes in fire code regulations for retire homes, I’m hoping that new fire prevention laws are applied to all barns that house animals to reduce tragic barn fires that claim more lives.


January 2016: Barn fire site.

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