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Security is Everyone’s Responsibility

Ever since I heard the story of a 7-year-old girl who was injured watching her dad water-ski; my thought process has changed. Augusta accidentally fell out of the boat and severed 95% of her leg from the blade of the motor. I can see how this can happen to anyone. Augusta’s parents were able to keep her calm and control the situation until an air ambulance arrived. The incident took place two years ago, and to this day when my family and I go boating, I watch the kids in the boat as much as the tubers and water-skiers. I try to assess all hazards to ascertain security for all.

In today’s world, society has taken a paradigm shift leaving us to reassess how security measures are being looked at. Although not relevant to Augusta’s story, it is relative to the current global hazards. All elements of risks must be analyzed. What are the chances of your safety being sabotaged? Identifying the probability, likelihood and impact of a threat has to be second nature.
The expectation that all risk can be mitigated is false. However, it can be managed and minimized in most situations. The question is how far do you go in terms of mitigating risk. The issue gets muddy when you consider an investment of time versus dollars.

The hectic pace of life and work causes all of us to take shortcuts – often for convenience. Just walk around your home and identify all the hazards – from an ill-placed vacuum cleaner to boxes piled up in the basement. We create hazards often unknowingly or with the intent that you will deal with it another day.

The leading cause of injury and death amongst children and teenagers is accidents. In every situation, there was at least one hazard or factor that could have been addressed.

If we think of it in terms of a ROI, a 10-second investment to move an obstacle could prevent an injury or save a life. Imagine if we could quantify that in dollars, wouldn’t you make that investment?

The difference between time and money is that you may not ever know if there was a return on your investment because you can’t guarantee something will happen. With money, you gain, lose or break even.

The best security access systems in the world are rendered useless if the doors do not close or are broken. No different than your brakes on the car. If you allow your pads to get worn out, the risk of accident/injury/damage/death goes up significantly. Most of us would make that investment.

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