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When doing my MBA years ago, my favorite professor used to say, “children bring in the world.” What he meant was that new trends and technology are often brought into the home and presented to you by your own children. At that time my kids were too young to bring anything in except for viruses from daycare. Now my kids are teenagers and I can see the professor was right. It amazes me to see how easy young people adapt to new technology and applications. They are so used to working on their wireless devices, while their handwriting gets worse and worse.

The security (guarding) industry is following these trends. Many companies provide security applications for their guards and clients. The applications run on PC’s, laptops, tablets and smart phones. They support scheduling, incident and daily occurrence reporting, patrols and compliance measures. The benefits are clear since handwritten reports are often hard to decipher. Additionally, the information provided is real time and required action can be taken instantaneously. The systems used also allow for easy storage of data and extraction of information to use for KPI reporting and to monitor trends and developments.

Technology change is visible in the security industry but they will never catch up to our teenage population.

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