The North

People that come from Europe to Canada, especially from smaller countries, generally have no idea how big the second largest country in the world actually is. I moved from the Netherlands almost 8 years ago. I worked for a large company with many branches in all provinces, including Sudbury and Timmins. One day I decided to drive from Toronto up to Sudbury. When I finally arrived 4.5 hours later and caught up with the branch manager, I asked him if we could also visit the satellite branch in Timmins while I was there. He then told me that this would take another 4 hours one way.

Northern Canada is a vast area, rich with natural and mineral resources. Exploration has been going on for quite some time resulting in a large number of mining operations. These mines generally require security, either “in house” or by a security contractor. These mining sites have their own dynamic. It is a community on its own with mining personnel and contractors working close together, guided by a large number of procedures and safety guidelines. Often they are located so far up north that the employees stay on site in camps and work for 2-6 weeks in a row. Working in these remotes sites can change the mood of people and from a security perspective, it is really important to stay alert and be ready to deal with tense situations when they occur. Proper training is vital to prepare guards for this type of work. Courses such as “Mining Security”, “Advanced First Aid” and “Non- Violent Crisis Intervention” can have a tremendous impact on how guards deal with a situation.

Only after visiting some of these remote sites, can you really gain an appreciation of the vastness of the area and the enormous distances. I may wait a bit before doing the Trans Canada Highway, although it would be rewarding.

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