“What Worries the World?”

There was an interesting study published by IPSOS relating to the identification of the top five worries within North America. The study found that the top two contentions held by American citizens are terrorism, and crime and violence. Overall globally, socio-economic and security concerns were listed as the leading ‘worries’ to improving the well-being and quality of life.

The results indicate the following:

Top five global issues Top five US issues
1) Unemployment (38%) 1) Terrorism (35%)
2) Financial / Political Corruption (34%) 2) Crime and Violence (33%)
3) Poverty / Social Inequality (33%) 3) Healthcare (29%)
4) Crime & Violence (31%) 4) Unemployment (23%)
5) Healthcare (22%) 5) Immigration Control (22%)


What is of particular importance is the focus of the study. The survey was meant to add clarity to whether citizens felt their country was heading in the right or wrong direction concerning these worries. (I should mention that the evaluation was not limited to just North America). There was a global survey as well, but I would like to keep this closer to home and ask if you feel we are going in the right direction or not. Individual and community security are an important dimension of development. I find it interesting how in some countries security and socio-economic concerns can directly go hand and hand. I wonder if security issues and ‘worries’ improved, would socio-economic concerns improve as well.

Do we agree that these top two considerations are in fact on par with the vibe out there?

The premise of this study was to determine if citizens believed their country was on the ‘right track or wrong track’.

Country Right Track Wrong Track
US 36% 64%
French 12% 88%
China 90% 10%
Saudi Arabia 71% 29%
India 67% 33%
Globally 37% 63%


It is also interesting to see which countries believe that they are on the right track. Why and what makes them think this? The countries that believe they are on the wrong track are provided with information freely. Despite where we place our judgement I think most would agree that safety is important now more than ever. I think we are starting to take the right steps by focusing the policing sector on these top two concerns, and by allocating lower level threats to the private security sector. You can read more about this in Han Koren’s recent blog entitled, “Non-Core Policing – A Shift in Thinking”.

Being privy to the security sector puts me in both a fortunate and unfortunate position, depending on how you look at it. The positive side of it is, knowing that there are options that are being considered by many experts to ensure the best solution is brought forward.

It is refreshing to know that the commercial, private and public sectors are collaborating to achieve the best results. I can only hope with this shift in thinking that we can start to put a dent in these top two concerns in order to maintain and propagate a safe and secure home for all of us.

What are your concerns? Is Canada on the ‘wrong track’ or ‘right track’?


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