Who We Are

Who We AreSince 2000, ASAP Secured Inc. has built an unmatched reputation for bringing premium security services and cutting-edge security solutions to clients throughout Canada. The Services We Offer include uniformed and plain clothes security personnel experienced in handling a variety of customized solutions adapted to each client’s business parameters. Should a fire or disaster interrupt a client’s operation, ASAP security personnel can immediately step in to secure assets, protect property, and ensure the safety of employees at the site. At the same time, ASAP works with insurers to preserve evidence should legal action be warranted.

ASAP is proud of the range of Industries We Serve and the ongoing partnerships we have fostered with clients, enabling them to focus on meeting their financial projections without security distractions. Relying on the expertise of our unparalleled management team, ASAP is able to tailor solutions that comply with an industry’s legal regulations, best practices, and standards.

ASAP’s portfolio of return clients covers the spectrum of today’s vital industries, including the following specialty markets: commercial real estate; finance and banking institutions; insurance and restoration; logistics, warehousing, and distribution; manufacturing; mining; residential; and retail.

ASAP is a subsidiary of the Dalton First Financial Group of Companies and is privately owned. In addition to ASAP, Dalton First Financial owns and operates AFIMAC (with locations in Canada, the U.S. and Latin America); ISB Canada; Patriot Source 1; Travel Trades, Inc.; and Flight Planners Travel (U.S.). This group of companies collectively provides a vast array of security, investigative, and support services as well as business continuity and educational resources. We are a non-unionized organization.